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What your money means

Home-based rehabilitation

We’re aware that it can sometimes be difficult to understand the impact a donation can make. Here are some ideas of how your donation – whatever the size – can make a difference to the people with whom CABDICO works. For more information on how to make a donation, please take a look at our donate page, or contact cabcido@cabdico.org.

$15 will supply a child with one School Kit, including uniform and school shoes, stationery and bag.

$55 will supply a child with an assistive device to allow them to live more independently.

$60 will provide nutritional supplements for a malnourished child for an entire year.

$75 will supply a bicycle to enable a child with a disability to get to school.

$100 will allow us to adapt a child’s home so that it is accessible for him or her.

$200 will provide a child with a new wheelchair.

$400 will build an accessible toilet within the home for a child to use independently.

$1500 will purchase a motorbike, the only means of transport that field staff use to visit families in remote villages.

$3000 will pay for the salary of one rehabilitation worker for one year.

$10,000 will support the formation of an entire federation of Self Help Groups. The role of the federation is to advocate for accessible services for health, justice and accessibility. This would drastically improve the lives of over 1000 persons with disabilities.

All donations will receive a receipt and letter of acknowledgement.