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Volunteer to help people with disabilities

Many of the children and families CABDICO works with a very vulnerable, and CABDICO takes their responsibilities towards them very seriously. You can read our child protection policy here. As a result, CABDICO does not regularly accept short-term volunteers, and it is even more rare that volunteers with CABDICO would frequently work with the children and families with disabilities.

Where there is a special need for training and consultation, CABDICO works with trained specialists who can work alongside the CABDICO team to build capacity and help staff improve the services we offer. In addition, the majority of the people that CABDICO work with, and the majority of CABDICO staff do not speak or write English. As such, it can be difficult to accept volunteers on a short-term basis, unless there is a specific skill or project that can be planned for and arranged accordingly.

There are, however, various opportunities to support CABDICO’s work outside of direct field work. Often this support work is essential to the successful running of CABDICO programs and invaluable for the CABDICO team. Find more information on current opportunities here.