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Technical expertise



The CABDICO team are committed to developing their knowledge and expertise, and over the years have enjoyed working with and learning from specialists from a variety of backgrounds and countries. If you have specialist skills and knowledge that you think may be useful to CABDICO, and are in a position to voluntarily offer your time either remotely, or in country, please contact Executive  Director Eang at

Unfortunately, CABDICO is not in a position to offer payment or cover any kind of expenses for volunteers. Occasionally, CABDICO does hire paid consultants for areas of specific need. These opportunities are advertised on our Idealist page. Currently, CABDICO would be very happy to hear from potential volunteers with skills in the following areas:

  • Speech and Language therapy
  • Accountancy
  • Grant Writing (excellent written English skills)
  • Social Media

If you are interested in working with CABDICO in this way, please contact us for more information.