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Strategy planning in Kompong Saom

Strategic planning for disability programming


In mid-November, the CABDICO met together to review the challenges and successes of the past year, and to put their heads together to decide on strategic priorities for the next three years.

Facilitated by CABDICO’s technical consultant, Weh Yeoh, the workshops had four main agenda items:

1) Review CABDICO’s vision and mission

2) Create CABDICO’s core values

3) Identify problems and challenges with current programs

4) Identify potential solutions

The planning session was attended by all the CABDICO team, as well as community members from the areas in which CABDICO works.As the CABDICO team is spread across three provinces, it was a good opportunity to bring everyone together, share experiences, and conduct team building activities.

The session was held in Kompong Saom, a coastal resort in Cambodia. This meant team members were able to combine attendance at the 3-day planning session with a short break by the sea.

Output from the strategy session can be found here.