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Speech Therapy

speech therapy in Cambodia


CABDICO’s Speech Therapy initiative is part of our Home Based Rehabilitation work.

In 2011 and 2012, CABDICO worked with Disability Consultant, Weh Yeoh, to identify the areas in our programs that could be improved. One such area was the need for speech and language therapy when working with children with disabilities. CABDICO works with a large number of children with cerebral palsy. Speech and swallowing is often very difficult for these children, and has a large impact on their general development.

As a result, in consultation with Weh, CABDICO designed a project both to train CABDICO staff in basic principles of speech therapy, and also to try and develop the practice of speech therapy in Cambodia as a whole.

You can read the Situational Analysis Report on speech therapy in Cambodia, as well as the report from the first workshop. You can also keep up to date on speech therapy updates on our news page.

We recently had an article, written by CABDICO consultant Weh Yeoh, about our Speech Therapy program, which was published on The Huffington Post. You can read this article by clicking here

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