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Inclusive education

Inclusive education

CABDICO supports children with disabilities in realizing their right to education alongside their nondisabled peers. Often, barriers to participation, such as inadequate transport, inaccessible infrastructure and inappropriate learning materials prevent children with disabilities from attending and learning at schools. The CABDICO team creates a pre-school readiness program for each child, and works with the families to prepare the child for coping with a new environment.

CABDICO makes sure that the school  is adapted for the needs of children with disabilities and conducts teacher trainings on inclusive education in line with the Ministry of Education training programs. This helps teachers develop the necessary skills to address the needs of children with disabilities. Giving them the tools necessary to educate children with disabilities means that these children are able to have an education and hope for the future.

Since 2009 CABDICO has worked with 84 schools and 543 children with disabilities. 257 (47%) of these children have been integrated into mainstream education.