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Home-based rehabilitation

home-based rehabilitation for children with disabilities

It is well documented that the earlier a child with disabilities receives referral to health services and treatment, the more likely they are  to learn key skills and catch up in their development. CABDICO partners with local authorities to identify children with disabilities, and then works with the families to understand their and their children’s needs. We are often the first disability point of contact with families, so providing information is a crucial part of our work.

A CABDICO team member visits the families between three and five times every month, reducing the need for travel to services. We work with the families to set goals and plans for their children.We adapt the home so that children it is accessible. We teach families how to do specific exercises, usually play activities, with their children. These exercises enable the child to reach their full physical potential, whether it is walking independently, feeding themselves or attending school.

 Since 2009 CABDICO has worked with 543 children with disabilities. 369 (68%) of those cases are now closed and the children and families are in control of their own development