Empowerment | CABDICO


Improving quality of life for people with disabilities

People with disabilities are often the most marginalized in any community. CABDICO creates structures through which they can more effectively participate in society. Bringing groups of people with disabilities and non-disabled people together gives people a voice within power structures and decision making processes. Emphasis is particularly placed on empowering women and the most vulnerable.

The CABDICO team work to train and support groups to identify barriers to community participation, including physical accessibility and social discrimination. Each group has its own leader, rules, regulations, financial savings and loan activities. Every year these groups submit their proposals to Commune Councils, who then integrate their needs into the commune investment plan. This means that people with disabilities are no longer “invisible” in their own communities.

In the last four years, CABDICO has created an additional 32 additional Self-Help Groups, (92 overall) working with a total membership of 1947 – an increase of 56%. 22% of Self Help Groups established are now independent of CABDICO, with group leaders capable of leading and managing their own group.